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Cascade Collection is hanging in the AGO

"Canadian contemporary art you can own or rent."

I was thrilled when the Art Gallery of Ontario's Art Rentals & Sales Coordinator wanted to include me in their roster of artists in their program. She asked me to bring "Callum", my latest painting to the gallery. When she asked me for a second piece, "G.O.M." to hang in their AGO Cafe, it didn't quite clue in what she meant. I dropped off the painting with my 12 year old nephew as my assistant for the day (it was a great opportunity for him to see what I do as an artist).

A few days later, I went back to the AGO, with my nephew to see my paintings installed. What I didn't expect was BOTH paintings hanging on a highly visible and dominant wall in the AGO Cafe. My mouth dropped open, my eyes widened and a big grin came across my face. What I wanted to do was jump up with a "YAY!!!", but that didn't seem appropriate. My nephew was just as excited, then he wanted a cookie. Looking back at the photos I took of the paintings in the space, I noticed that the thin lines in "G.O.M." coordinated perfectly with the chairs throughout the cafe, which I'm sure was part of the plan.

These paintings are available through the AGO Art Rentals & Sales department. Contact Kristie Ulrich at the Art Gallery of Ontario 416 979 6660 ext. 346

CafeAGO (no admission required): Tuesdays - Fridays 10am - 3pm; Saturdays & Sundays 11am - 4pm; Mondays - CLOSED

AGO Gallery hours of operation: Mondays - CLOSED; Tuesdays 10:30am - 5pm; Wednesdays 10:30am - 9pm (free after 6pm); Thursdays 10:30am - 5pm; Fridays 10:30am - 9pm; Saturday & Sundays 10:30am - 5:30pm

For more information about the Art Gallery of Ontario, visit

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